About Us


Why did I Choose Marketing Advisor (usually called a Marketing Consultant) As Profession?

With a passion for marketing and a creative mind, I completed my PG in Marketing. I started my own brand name ‘Ad Venture’ after gaining 7 years of industry experience wherein I handled around more than 65+ projects including both, offline and online marketing.

With this expertise, I will be able to better understand what it needs for a brand to build its unique identity and sustain itself in the market for a longer period. We can also guide you through various internal and external branding (offline and online marketing) activities to reach your target audience within your budget. 

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Masters in Business Administration - Marketing

PG Certification in Advertising & Public Relations (PR)

About us Adventureagency.in

Professional Goals

Unlike others, I don’t have a goal of having a certain amount of turnover in terms of money every year. Instead, I focus on creating a unique brand identity and creative out-of-the-box campaigns —-my business goal is to be identified as:

A reliable marketing expert

A trustworthy advertising consultant &

An experienced branding coach.

Why Me For Your Marketing & Branding Needs?

Apart from the skills, knowledge and expertise, what makes me unique is my ethics and emotion for brand creation.

I believe:

“Never Over Promise & Never Under Perform”

That’s why my offerings are always customized, and each brand dealing locally, nationally or internally is treated and will be treated as a unique brand.

Why Hire Me As Your Branding & Marketing Advisor Will Be Your Best Decision?

Strict Deadline

We don't like to wait, so we know how irritating this can be. We will make sure we provide you with all the requirements before the decided deadlines.

Optimum Result

People believe marketing and ethics don’t go hand in hand. But we don’t think so. We won’t be showing exceptional outcomes, but only what we can provide. More than our words, our results will speak.

Local Trends

We can help you analyze the local trend about your industry and improve your plan marketing strategies accordingly.

Proper Reporting

While working on various campaigns, we forget about the purpose of starting advertising at first. This won't be a case with us. We will create a customized report wherein all your campaign deliverables and progress will be clearly shown.

Omni Channel Marketing

We can help you make your presence valuable on all the platforms including, Google, Bing & Social Media. We can also help you to brand yourself as an expert in your industry.

Customized Bundle Of Services

Creativity can't be stopped. Better the creative of a campaign, better the results. Apart from our fixed pricing, we also offer a campaign plan that can be customized for all your needs.

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How Do We Work

Taking Brief

We will pen down the minute details of your requirement and take as much time to understand your product/service and goals.

Analyzing Competitors

In-depth knowledge about your niche market will help us know what will help you engage your end consumer.

Monitoring & Optimizing

Monitoring the progress of our campaigns is not the only factor to consider. When the internal or external factors start affecting your growth, we monitor the campaign and suggest optimizing the campaign accordingly.

Strategizing & Execution

Using in-depth knowledge of your niche and creating a customized advertising campaign that can meet help you achieve your goals is what our aim is.