I am your Independent Marketing Consultant Krunali, working under a brand name AdVenture Agency

I will help you create a unique brand identity as well as help you reach your target audience via various marketing channels.

How Can I I Make A Difference?

You might need traditional or digital campaigns or maybe just need some guidance to grow business. Some marketing advisors are best for traditional channels, while rest are good with digital platforms. But, choosing different consultants or advertising agencies for different campaigns will only increase your follow-ups.

With me, you don’t have to worry about follow ups. I am a marketing specialist working in this field for the last 7 years. From knowing the basics of marketing and branding to implementing it in various campaigns, I have done it all. I can also help you with the business tactics that will help you create a unique brand image.

Marketing & Branding Services

Digital Marketing

My wide range of digital marketing services, including:

Pay Per Click

Search Engine Optimization

Email Marketing

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Building Profiles On Various Digital Platforms


Branding is not only for big organizations. Every business, whether its a small scale business or a startup, your business needs branding. Whether you are a local restaurant owner or a doctor, CA, or professor, you need a branding strategy. I can help you create a customized branding strategy. Also, if you want me to help you implement the same, I will be happy to help!

New Brand Launches & Rebrand Strategy

Repositioning Planning

Strategic Brand Properties

Internal Branding

External Branding

Traditional Marketing

Whether you need flyers, brochures, pamphlets, or script for your TV, radio, or newspaper ads, I can help you get the correct graphics that can help you attract your target audience. I can also help you plan strategies for:

Face-to-face meetings

Speaking Engagement

Public Relations Through Print media

Phone calls

Direct mail

Print advertisements

Handwritten notes/ invites

If you already have digital marketers employed, but their experience is not enough to create a competitive strategies, I can help you create following digital marketing strategy

Analyzing Brand Identity

Current Strategy Loopholes

Selecting Target Audience

Analyzing Current Market

Setting Business Goals

Setting Budget

Monitoring & Optimizing

Choosing Social Media Channels

Inbound Marketing

I can help you plan strategies to attract and engage customers and increase traffic on your website and different social media platforms.

Website Designing

Whether you want to create a new website, redesign the old one, or just optimize the current website, I can help you with everything you need.

Business PPT & Videos

I can help you with customized business ppt that will help you crack the deal. Also, I can provide you videos for product launch, guiding customers, and training employees.

I can also help you with 2d animated video creation as well as script writing for promotional video.

If you have a plan to sponsor a social cause, I have special discounts for your video scripts.

Adventure Agency

Frequently asked questions

Advertising helps you reach your customers in a better way. Even if you don’t hire any advertising agency, you have to promote yourself to stay in the industry.

Yes, I do serve areas away from our service locations. Do call us to discuss your requirements.

Monday To Friday: 10:30 am to 7:00 pm

Saturday: Only appointments

I provide all the services you need to advertise your business and stay in the market.

I do have fixed packaging as well as customized service. I don’t like to bind our clients with the stuff they don’t want to buy.